Clash of Streamers Closed Beta Released!

The Clash of Streamers closed beta has finally been released, and is currently open to try for up to 10,000 players!

Clash of Streamers is now in a closed beta stage and can be played by as many as 10,000 players.


Previously, the game was only open to a select handful of players. However, at this point anybody that fulfills the closed beta requirements can try out the game.


It should first be stated that Clash of Streamers is still in relatively early stages.


There are still some performance issues, missing features (Blockchain, streaming, replays, puzzles, riddles, and more) which will be available at launch, and other balance issues. Despite these things, you can still take part in the closed beta and help give valuable feedback to improve the game and make its future launch even more impactful!


So, how do you take part in the closed beta?

How to Enter the Closed Beta

How do you enter the Clash of Streamers beta?


To take part in the beta, you need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Gaming for Good website.
  2. Choose your platform (Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS).
  3. Enter your email (Play Store email or Apple ID email).
  4. Wait until you get an email for download instructions.


Once you have received your email, follow the instructions to download Clash of Streamers on your device, and get playing!

Playing the Closed Beta

When playing the closed beta, it’s important that you remain very open minded and understanding of issues. After all, it is a closed beta… many issues will exist, without question.


There will also likely be many progress resets throughout the beta.


Since the game is constantly being balanced and changed, there will be frequent resets to test out how the experience feels with each new update. Therefore, you can expect there to be many progress resets.


For many people, this might be something difficult to look past. However, if you can stand through the constant balance updates and resets, then you should definitely try out the Clash of Streamers beta and give your feedback!


At this stage, your feedback is more valuable than ever in shaping the future of Clash of Streamers.


Check out the Clash of Streamers closed beta now!

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